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What does p on the palms of your hands and fingers look like? Maybe my spots have migrated from my legs and arms to my hands.
My husband is in hospital with pneumonia again. Using the anti bacterial hand wash going in and out is not helping.


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Laura @laura1992

Oh you poor girl. I have it on my hands and that hand wash is murder. My hands look like they are peeling when it’s bad. No spots really, just skin cracking. I hope you husband gets better fast.

Michelle @mishlyn

Sorry to hear about your husband Diane. I bet that sanitizer stings and is not very helpful for you. I wonder if you could bring in your own soap to wash your hands with? Something still antibacterial but more gentle. I hope he is on the mend soon.

Lorna Penner
Lorna Penner @lornapenner

Sorry about your husband being so sick,,I hope he will soon be better,,Here many people have the flu or colds of some sort,,my girlfriend (A teacher) sent her husband to the hospital two weeks ago for what they thought was bronchitis and it turned out to be more then that--he has a mass growing in his right lung--so hes home now but has to go for treatment every morning. I haven`t had the flu or a cold ---I drink hot water with a lemon slice and honey faithfully every morning and several times a day--plus stay away from people and I never had the flu shot. Flu shot is only 10% useful.

Jenny @je2

Sorry to hear that Diane. Hope he is soon over his pneumonia and your hands feel better

Diane @froghop26
Cambridge, Tasmania, Australia

I love animals, traveling, my children and my grandchildren. My psoriasis is an inconvenience, it doesn't define me or stop me living my life how I want. Live, laugh, love :)

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