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I have now been in light-therapy 5 times, the psoriasis is getting so much better on my body. Maybe I will be able to wear t-shirts and shorts when the summer arrives, without feeling embarrassed✨


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Ruben @ruben

Helped me too years ago, was almost completely clear.
In combination with creams (tar and cortisone)
Now slowly getting the same results with food supplements, just wish we would get a little sun...

Jim @jim1235

Is light therapy used to imitate the sun?
Can sun light do the same thing?

Ruben @ruben

Yes, but the therapy I got was specific UVA rays, treatment was called PUVA. In Belgium you can only get it at the dermatologist. And only a partial refund. I think that I had to pay about €1.5 per session and that the first time I got 20 sessions.
The creams were cheap, all under €5.

Mishlyn @mishlyn

I am so happy for you Line! Keep thinking about this summer and not covering up! I have learned that visualization is key 😃

Steve @cartermac13

That's great Line, that is what I used until I started Biologics. I tanned for over 20 yrs. because that was the only solution I had for controlling it :( I still do today, because physiologically I feel I need too..... I don't...But I do, I just don't do it nearly as often as I use too :)

RedSpotEliminator @redspoteliminator

Good to hear! But be careful: I've tried light treatment several times and found that the gains you make go away within a month after you stop going. Now that you're clearing up, it's time for you to take a serious look at your diet and lifestyle and make the changes so the odds of it coming back are minimal.

Cheryl @cheryl92169

What food supplements Ruben?

Ruben @ruben

Hey Cheryl, extra's you take next to food. For example, fatty fish contains omega 3, but you need to eat heaps of it to get enough so you take a capsule that contains omega 3. Same with vitamins. These should be supplemental to good and healthy food! So eat healthy, but if you are lacking something, you take it as supplement to your diet. Like some vitamins, iron, magnesium and so...

Cheryl @cheryl92169

Yes I take supplements now of Omega3, multivitamins - just wondered which ones you feel help p or which ones you take. Sorry my comment wasn’t clear!! 🤔

Michael @michael2620

How long each time with the light treatment

Ruben @ruben

Hey Cheryl, I feel that they all help to fight the P. The vitamine B and Omega 3 my scalp. Tumeric everywhere...

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Line @line1
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Creative and positive but insecure because of having lived a life with bothering psoriasis.

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