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My fingers are so raw and sore from puscular psoriasis i want to cut them off cause the pain is horrible. Dr has me on steroid cream


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Ruben @ruben

Hey Cindy, welcome to Flaym. Browse around, you'll find you are surrounded by kindred spirits. There are a lot of useful tips to relieve the pain as well. I use Aloë Vera gel and started extra supplements Vitamine D and Curcumin.

Anonymous @davidvs

Although I steer clear of sympathy... This is saddening. I couldn't imagine it. Are you treating your PS from the inside too? Dietary changes... Better gut health... They all make a difference.

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Sorry to hear you having a hard time Cindy. I am happy you have found us here, many great tips and amazing support system. Have you ever experimented with dietary changes or adding supplements in? Best thing I could have done for my skin. Omega 3 with high epa has been a really great addition for me. Helping my skin heal and gain strength.
I hope relief is on its way to you soon! Welcome to Flaym 😊

john,Hulk @chewbacca

hello cindy, sorry to hear this,diet/lifestyle changes do help for sure to make it better but, it does take time and its worth it though, it is a choic e a choice for everyone, i wish you well

Laura @laura1992

Ouch, I have had a lot of pain on my fingers but not that bad. Right now my foot is killing me. Has anyone ever used [...] to numb the area? Just curious as I have some from a very painful canker sore and wondered if it might help.

Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome Cindy, this sounds so severe. Is steroid cream enough I wonder? Maybe worth a revisit to explain your pain level. I just think of steroid cream for discomfort, but this sounds much more than that...

Cindy @cindymae121

The doc put me on [...] but it doesn't help.

Lindakay1948 @lindakay1948

Me too Sandy Me too babe I wear Nyoprene Gloves that are easily found in the Aisles of Walmart they are Blue if that helps..I put thick coconut oils or the Psorasis Gold Bond crème on my hands as thick as I can make it and then shove my sore hands into those plays havoc on my Nail beds but after what I have experienced I don't even care about those nails anymore..but wear those gloves every nite and It took two weeks before I was cleared enough to go without them but everytime a flare up beckons I start with the gloves again works

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