...feeling frustrated Mary @mary1979


I never talk about having psoriasis. I don’t think people understand how upset you can get about dealing with having it.


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Mishlyn @mishlyn

Hi Mary, it can be hard indeed, talking to people who have no clue what it can be like at times. Great to see you found us here. Since I have joined I have gained confidence when talking with others about my skin. I hope it can be the same for you! It is so great to be able to connect with people who understand. Welcome to Flaym!

Stacy @S

I normally don’t care about it until someone says something to me then I’ll be paranoid for a bit but I get over it again I don’t like summer I can’t cope with being hot so I take the staring and wear what I want over being roasted alive 😂

Nicklaas @nicklaas

Hi Mary yes I've been through that for over 40 years never being able to wear short sleeve shirts or short pants but at last I've found a mixture that I've been working on for years that help 10% coaltar in emulsifying ointment in 500 mg tub now I walk basically just with short pants day and night ask ur chemist to mix it for you

Sarah @sarahuk

Hope that can change now that you're at Flaym, Mary! It's all we talk about ☺️ Welcome!

camila @camila

I’m also quite used to not talking about it and even ignoring it best I can (covering up loads mainly) but with recent flare ups it’s geting harder. Hopefully I can have it under control by summer 💪

Sarah @sarahuk

That's the spirit, Camila!

Mary @mary1979

I feel guilty because I don’t think I am as bad as some as you guys. But the last 2 days have really been bad because it’s my eyes and unlike my body and scalp I can’t hide it

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