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Hi! Does anyone have psoriasis in the corners of your eyes? It has just started lately and I don’t know what to do about it. I know I can’t use cream so I’m at a loss... HELP!!


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Rick @rick47

Hi Dawn, I get it in the corners of my eyes both on the inside and outside corners. I live in the US. I'm able to get a product called A+D cream it's intended to treat diaper rash. It's made by Bayer. It's worked very well to keep the skin moist so it doesn't crack and flake.
Good luck!!

Dawn @MammaStosch

Doesit get IN your eye? I’m worried that any cream I use will get in my eye...

Thanks for the help!!

john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

Hello dawn,just advice just in case ,please dont put any steroids around the eyes, this can cause problems to them thanks

Michael @mi

The A D cream won't hurt eyes

Michael @mi

Vitamin A and D

Rick @rick47

It lists the active ingredients as lanolin 15.5% Vaseline 53.4% and it gets it's vitamin A and D from Cod liver oil.
I didn't like the idea of putting stuff around my eyes but I was getting desperate because they were cracking and very sore. Been using it a couple months and it's helped with the cracking.

Rick @rick47

When I asked my dermatoligist for something he wasn't sure what to use. I have a small plaque on my right eyelid. I was driving a couple weeks ago and a piece of flaking skin from the eyelid got into my eye and severely irritated the eyeball. Went to the eye doctor and he gave me steroids drops for the eyeball but didn't know what to use for the skin around the eye.
I guess we're on our own with eye treatment. I chose not to use the drops and the eye is getting better. The AD ointment is the only thing I've found that doesn't burn. I've definetly got it in my eye and had no issue.
I would love to hear what's worked for other people

Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome back, Dawn!

Dawn @MammaStosch

Rick—I do know what AD ointment is!! Used it when my kids were young!!

My derm gave me cream to use when I’d get it on my eyelids but it’s been so long I don’t remember the name.

This corner of the eye thing is awful!! It’s new for me and I’m really frustrated.

Mine is mainly on my scalp and in and behind my ears—and I can manage it decently. Got bad when I was on a certain biologic for a few months and have been fighting to get things under control since then... but this eye stuff... ugh...

Thanks all for your thoughts and ideas!!

Heather @hezza

Sorry but what is AD ointment? Thanks

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