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I have psoriasis in my ears and in my scalp, what is the best treatment.


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Cherie @cherie2

I use the Moo Goo skin range. Available at chemists and online . I live in Australia. 🏊

C @c1

In the ear try using Vicks on a cotton ball. I was desperate a few times with itchy ear and did it and the relief was glorious!

They also have head n shoulders shampoo and conditioner can try it has eucliaptis oil in it. It cools the itch. In past I've also tried medicated shampoo... It's for psoriasis. It comes in a white bottle and get it in the shampoo isle by the selsen blue shampoo.

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Hi Susieq, Welcome to Flaym! I find TGel extra strength really great for my scalp. I also like to use coconut oil mixed with teatree oil for both my ears and scalp when they start to get bad. You will find a lot more great info in the themes section, topic scalp :)

Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome to Flaym, Susieq110! Me too, snap! Ears and scalp. And lots of other places too! First year for me of ever having both ears and scalp under control. In a nutshell, for me, through short term steroid use to get both under control, and then no more steroids, just Aveeno moisturiser and diet changes. Grapeseed oil soaks on the scalp have helped me so much!

Susieq110 @susieq110

Thank you all for your responses. Am now hopeful of some relief.

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