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Making some homemade bone broth in my Instant Pot. Anyone else like bone broth? Making the most of my weekend. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.


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James @ferns

Once I can get hold of an Instant pot I'll let you know. The only place I've found in the UK is amazon but now all they say is out of stock, with no clue to when they'll be back in stock.

Cherie @cherie2

Sounds delicious but too hot here, 36C/96.8F

Angie @angie191

Yes, it’s a lot cooler here in Oregon. I would like some nice warm 96.8F weather.

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Very nice Angie :) I have made it a couple of times now. It makes a really great soup base. Do you drink yours, or use it in soups ect? So many great health benefits to it!

Angie @angie191

I drink the bone broth and I use it in soups, beans, and lentils. It does have so many health benefits. Have you ever used the tallow on your skin? I am thinking I could mix it with coconut oil, lavender, and tree tea oil.

Mishlyn @mishlyn

I have not thought of that, is that the fat that solidifies? What a great idea :) I am sure there would be healing properties in that as well, you could mix that up indeed! What do you make your broths out of? I have only tried turkey so far.

Cheryl @cheryl92169

Yes love bone broth and it’s very good for you.😊 Enjoy

Sarah @sarahuk

Absolutely, Angie! I make bone broth every time I roast a whole chicken. It makes about 5 cups from each roast, so I drink that daily before before breakfast whenever I have any available. Tonight is a bone broth night actually as we've got chicken this evening. Love it, can feel the goodness happening whilst I drink it! 💜🍗

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Angie @angie191
Albany, OR, United States

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