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Virginia @vir1

I have had scalp and ear psoriasis for years but I have found a way to control it and it really works ! Aloe Vera in honey ! 1 spoon eaten each day and it’s all gone

Sue @sue2019

Is ear psoriasis just on the skin on outer ear, mine is itchy inside the ear, drives me crazy

Virginia @vir1

It can be all the way inside and very itchy I have got did of mine now by having aloe Vera in honey I drink 1 teaspoon everyday

Ruben @ruben

Stopping for an Aloë plant this evening :)

Sarah @sarahuk

Amazing Virginia! Thanks so much for sharing something that is helping you so much. What was your psoriasis like before taking the Aloe Vera with honey? Would be great to know more about your journey, keep posting! Welcome to Flaym!

Virginia @vir1

I have full scalp , ear and nose and face . Well I did until I tried the aloe Vera solution I can now put my hair up and go out without make up on !

Michelle @mishlyn

Wow! Fantastic Virginia! That is really great. Do you use the aloe from the plant or do you buy a certain type? Thanks for sharing!

Virginia @vir1

I use straight from the plant I scoop out the pulp in the leaf and pour honey over it ,the honey disolves the aloe into a form u can drink , u then take 1 spoon a day , after 2 weeks u should be seeing the difference , google it’s other health benefits

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Virginia @vir1
Bournemouth, United Kingdom

I have taken control of my psoriasis

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