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Do you think having psoriasis has affected your work life? How?


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Merle @merle19

No really. I get very hot at times. Lucky I’m in ministry. And I can get a early start. Before the heat comes. I cool off with a cold facecloth because at times I get a temp but so far under control

Ellen @ellen4

No it has not ... I just feel embarrassed on days like today when I have to wear a scarf on my head to work as I have given myself a coconut oil treatment ....

Michael @mi

Definitely!! Arthritis and groin flares on an assembly line!!

Raja @raja007

Yes, I am a team leader and trainer in a M.L.M company, because of pso I feel uncomfortable to stand or speak infront of my team members, Whenever I get flare up I use to stay in my home, no training, no office, no meeting, fortunately I can enjoy my regular royalty income , usually I take this kind of brakes yearly four or five times, some times it long-lasting for 2 to 3 years.

The main thing is, I am 41 and single, Pso ruined my life 😪, now I am looking for a gir (with Pso) to Marry.

*Apologize for my poor English*

Tom @Watsham

I get embarrassed by it, but then I started to wear it as a badge. if people wanted to ask me about it. happy to talk to them about it.

Geraldine @geri18

The psoriasis didnt but the arthritis has ended my carer in hospitality

Merle @merle19

Sorry to hear that.

Fay @fay1

Yes cause the school kids stare and make me feel self-conscious

Hellen @hellen

Yes, being a teacher in vocational education. Students gave me strange looks when my P was all over my hands and arms.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

No it hasnt flaym,it nearly did 14 years ago with all the aching and pain with psoriatic arthritis but, i got through it after a rough 3 years it got better compared after to then,i really thought i was doomed at that time, thanks :)

Tracy @tracy2019

I do not work due to other problems, but when I was working I had to wear gloves on my hands and heavy makeup so it didn't show, or I had to work in the background. It's horrible on your face as people judge on your looks

Cindy @kringlecat

It did in a way. I have it on my face, and especially around my eyes, so sometimes it was pretty unattractive. It was very irritating as well. Thankfully, I was a teacher of young children and the just wanted me there no matter how bad the flare might be. :)

Peter @peter5296

At 27 psoriasis appeared and quickly spread all over my body and head. I was admitted to hospital for a week to try and break its back. It helped but at the time I was a plater welder and because I had to use a welding hood, gloves and protective clothing nobody else would use any work wear that I used. I had to get a certificate to confirm to the company I worked for and the guys I worked with to prove it was not contagious. At first it played a little on my mind a little but I had a very strong resolve not to let it affect me as I had a wife and three young children and needed my job. Throughout my working life I never let it bother me to much and although sometimes i was well coved just got on with it. Over my working life I worked my way up to yard Manager, Company Manager and Company Director retiring ar 58. So although in the early days yes it did affect my work I didn't let it affect my life. I still have psoriasis on my body and scalp but have to manage it day to day as I have done all my working life. Always stay positive.

Nicola @nicola12349

Not yet but my rheumatologist wants me to start on [...] and has told me I will have to stop working as cabin crew because my body won't accept the amount of germs etc I will be exposed to..... but we'll see

Sarah @sarahuk

I don't think it has affected my outputs or achievements at work in my life, like on the surface. But I do think underneath it has affected the way I have felt about dressing for work, and presenting myself to my team...

Yvonne @yv

The only problem I have is I have to wear cotton and latex gloves at work

Dawn @dawn21

Yes. I am embarrassed to shake anyone’s hand cause it is so bad. The pain, itching, burning just stinks. Nothing good about having Psoriasis

Candice @cangey

I’m fortunate in that respect. I didn’t get psoriasis until I was retired. I’m guessing that it would have affected my work life in a big way.

Lanie @lanie

Up to a point. I could never wear black shirts. Also some medications (oils) that seem to loosen the scales you can't use during the week because it makes your hair very oily and greasy. It looks terrible.

Steve @cartermac13

Did it effect my future when diagnosed at 18? That I can truthfully say it did! I never felt comfortable in school so I quit my Senior yr. ( dumb, dumb & dumber ) I stayed in the grocery business, based on I couldn't expand my desire to be a Police officer since I quit school. Financially it's good, not great! But being a cop I'd be well retired by now :(


Lorna Penner
Lorna Penner @lornapenner

Yes,,Im retired but do volunteer work and haven`t been able to go for about two months because I also have water retention and am on a water pill--but the break-out of psoriasis which made the skin roll off my back,legs and arms in big pieces of skin and very itchy has kept me at home with home/care coming to put lotion on my back and legs plus put my elastic stockings on me,,its getting better but still have loose skin coming off the lower part of my legs and the top of my feet--so until that stops---I can`t wear my own stockings. also it has kept me from doing many other things that I usually do--craft class,,home/group..church..food distribution--and more.

Dawn @dawn21

I go to work everyday. Somedays it is so painful. I have tears in my eyes to get thru a 12 hour day. And since January 2nd we have been mandated 7 days a week. I also have arthritis that has set in my fingers. I wish there was a cure. I am only 47 years old and only dealing with it for 2 years. And that 2 years has been horrible. I feel it is getting worse. Going on a year with raw hands. Cause the skin constantly flakes away.

Jennifer @jujubee

Now that I'm out if customer service for over 2yrs it hasn't more than needing to brush off my shoulders lol. I do still enjoy that winter brings long sleeves as far as comfort but at least now I'm not explaining that its not measles or anything else contagious to multiple customers daily.. also getting control over psoriatic arthritis made a huge difference I can work without pain 😊

Mishlyn @mishlyn

It has never affected me too baldly at work. When I was younger I was a waitress. The summer heat was hard at times as I would cover up and I was always so self conscious about P being *uncovered. I made pretty decent money so I just carried on with it.

Michelle @michelle1021

No It didn't and I won't let it. Should people at work become a problem because they find my P a problem, I can easily set a case for discriminating against me. Lol. Luckily I do not work with small minded people. ;) This is my job and I won't allow anyone or anything to jeopardize it. Not even my P. (we have this little understanding when it comes to my job)

Peter @peter5296

Well done. If you let it it can really effect both your working and leisure life and then it makes the psoriasis even worse.

Michelle @michelle1021

Definitely Peter which is why we have to accept our P with flakes and all to have a much happier life. Psoriasis can either make us or break us and I've been broken before so there's no way I'm going back there.

Candice @cangey

I was thinking about how it would have affected my work in terms of being able to work on any given day. My psoriasis is on my hands and feet - with the pain in my feet and hands, I’m not sure I could have gone to work.

Maria87 @maria87

Yes it has.. Also if I don't think about it is there.. I'm in the process of looking for a job and is affecting me so much.. I can't for example apply for jobs in catering or restaurants.. That's not fair..

Korin @korin

Yes it absolutely does, you feel self conscious all the time.

Geraldine @geri18

I Done 38 years in hospitality
Haven't worked for 17 months now, i do volunteer work, which I love to be able to help in my community.
And just finished a course

Lorna Penner
Lorna Penner @lornapenner

Maria,,even if you wear gloves? you can`t get job in restraunts etc?

Eve @eve76

Yes but has confidence knocked no support from family and School

Roxanne @roxanne

No but I have had to explain it to some residents I worked with.

Llain @llain

No, I didn't get psoriasis until I retired but now have an itchy scalp, ears. neck and shoulders. The worst thing is being kept awake at night with the itchy ears and neck, would love a good night's sleep! I've used lots of different creams and lotions which don't really help at all.

Lilly @lilly2

I have it so bad on my hands and feet that I am unable to write and missed days of work because I could not walk. It has affected my life and made me
so miserable.

Alison @alison3

I think the work I am doing now is affecting my Psoriasis which in turn is affecting my life. I work with a few chemicals and although I am extremely careful sometimes it splashes onto my clothing or skin and it affects my Psoriasis, I have to wash my skin and apply my cream as soon as possible. I am hoping to get another job where I am not using chemicals so much or at all if possible.

Bev @bev43

Shame Alison I hope you do find another more suitable job

JThegg @jthegg

Every way. People judge you on how you look. It's so important to have clear skin because you are judged if you don't. That is why I am trying to help other people, now that I have found the nucleus of the problem.

Judi @judi5

Some days I am unable to walk because of the pain...

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