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For anyone Interested in healing themselves naturally, here are my resources I am working on a road to recovery with: Dr. Keesha Ewers, Dr. Gabor Mate, Ann Boroch (gut) and Alex Korb. Also take a look into an AIP diet. All good learning Material!


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Jake @wshotgunsp

And Dr. Terry Welsh. cured herself of M.S. with diet.
Anyone else using these sources? I find it very hard to stick to the eliminations in my diet that I am working on making....

Merle @merle19

Share the diet. I’m sure it will help

Llain @llain

I've had itchy ears, neck, back and chest for four years now and don't get much sleep, sometimes get desperate and take paracetamol which helps. It's easier to put up with during the day but night times are always a problem.

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Thanks for sharing Jake, I have not head of these dr's but I am always up for learning new approaches and perspectives. Will have to check them out. What are you currently eliminating from your diet? I am doing *The whole 30* approach. It is hard giving up those foods that we have grown to love and being such staples in life. I find that over time it does get easier. Once they are out of our system, our bodies don't crave them the same way.

Jake @wshotgunsp
Albany, NY, United States

I really just want to be hunting all day every day.

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