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Hello all, My name is Tony I'm 24 and have had psoarsis since I was 16. Just wondering about suggestions about diet for Psoriasis e.g. which foods to avoid etc.....


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Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome to Flaym, Anthony! Good to see you're here. Many Flaym members are interested in diet and have experience with different kinds of diet related experiments! I'm one of them. Me personally I've been experimenting with diet eliminations for the past 9 months or so since a severe guttate psoriasis outbreak. I've been eliminating nightshade vegetables and white flour for 9 months now. I've been reducing (and then eliminating totally) gluten, dairy and sugar for 6 months or more. I've been getting good results so now am on almost a month of eliminating anything that isn't vegetables, fruit, meat / fish (white meat only at the moment) and a small amount of brown rice. I started basic and built up the range of veg and fruit over the month. Will eventually add back in other stuff to see what triggers are for me. But for now giving my tummy a rest and going simple!

Bev @bev43

Welcome Anthony, some of us are doing or just finishing a cleanse diet. I got mine from Susan@godcares. I'm halfway into the 2nd week and it's going well. Hope you find the one that will work for you

Cheryl @cheryl92169

I’ve tried gluten free and no cows milk for 3 months and skin improved lots. Gradually went back to eating everything and now paying the price. Some people suggest no nightshade veg. Seeing a nutritionist tomorrow 🤞🏻.

Geraldine @geri18

I'm gluten, wheat and dairy free

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Hi Tony, dairy, gluten, nightshade, sugar and beef are my biggest triggers. The Whole 30 approach is what helped me find my triggers. If you browse the theme section for diet, you will find a lot more great posts. Welcome to Flaym!

Ruben @ruben

Welcome to Flaym Tony!
Since joining Flaym I've made some changes to my diet and P is better and better. Even stronger believer in "Healthy gut, healthy skin" now.
The latest additions I made to my diet are Vitamine D and Curcumin. That was little over a month ago. Still seeing improvement. Some spots actually cleared completely and only look like some blueish spots (that are still healing)
Good luck!

Sarah @sarahuk

Cheryl, let us know how you get on with the nutritionist!

Llain @llain

I've tried eliminating different things from my diet but no luck so far, have just started trying Curcumin though and hoping that will make some difference.

Ruben @ruben

Hey Llain, my skin is still improving. Not sure if it's the vitamine D or the curcumin, but I'm not stopping that supplement, that's for sure.

Llain @llain

Hi Ruben, I'm pleased to hear it's helping you, I've started taking Vitamin D too but only a short while ago, I'm hoping it will work as well for me as it works for you now.

Ruben @ruben

I'll cross my fingers!
But reading a lot of comments here I'm quite assured that curcumin is a key element too. I found a capsule online that contains both vitamine D and curcumin. Found it on a sports supplement website MyProtein.

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