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Hi. I have been suffering from psoriasis in my right ear for 6 months now and nothing is helping. Ive now started to struggle with sound in that ear and its driving me mad!! Has anyone any suggestions? Many thanks x


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Ruben @ruben

Hey Kellie, welcome to Flaym! I don't have it in my ears, can only imagine what hell you must be going through. I started taking a supplement of Vitamine D and Curcumin (both in one capsule in liquid form) since little over one month. My skin is still improving. Some spots are actually gone. But as I only been taking this for a few weeks, I don't want to be too enthusiastic (but getting there)

Jessica @saldije12

Hi Kellie! Welcome to Flaym! I struggled with P in my ear for a while but not to the same extent. Are there any oils that you have tried?

Carol @carol49

I use Vaseline jelly in my ears and on my forehead , it works well for me , bit messy but worth it . I also use Sanex 24hr hydrate shower gel and skin lotion too

Kellie @kellielou

Thanks everyone. I take a skin hair and nails supplement but have to be careful with other supplements and oils as im on a lot of medication for other problems. My gp is just poo pooing it and im at a loss, loosing my hearing is really worrying me.

Sarah @sarahuk

Hey Kellie, welcome aboard! My ears were terrible for about 19 years non stop. Cracking, peeling, bleeding, flaking. Clear now for 2 years! Found a steroid gel that was so helpful getting the ears under control. Used that for about a month. Then stopped it and switched to just using Aveeno Cream every day to moisturise the ears. It never returned so far! I am so grateful. Steroid creams never helped for me in the ears but the gel form really did, and I was able to manage it from there.😊

Bev @bev43

Hi Kellie I also have it in my ears. I agree with Sarah mine healed after the steroid gel and seem to be doing well as long as I moisturise continually. Good luck

Nancy @nancy625

I was just diagnosed with head and ear psoriasis five months ago, so far no luck on clearing it up. My ears ache. What kind of steroid gel, should I try?

Sarah @sarahuk

Mine was just a standard topical corticosteroid gel. Your doctor will know which one it is in your country!

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