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Lemme ask you guys this question even though it seems silly: If you could cure Ps would you do it at the cost of 'selling your soul' ? & before you answer, first think about what it means to 'sell your soul' whether its to the devil or anybody else.


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Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Ruth. There is nothing so important in this world that I would want to sell my soul to whomever or whatever to get it. Psoriasis is a part of me just like my children and my dogs. P has changed me for the better and maybe if I never had Psoriasis, I might have been a snobby, selfish individual. What I have is God given and I'm not giving it away.

Michelle @michelle1021

sheeesh, I've been typing on Flaym for a few weeks already and it is the first time I see that we can edit our texts. Lol. Duh@myself.

Geraldine @geri18

I only found this group a week ago I was trying to find edit and it popped up the other day, so your not alone there either lol😀

Geraldine @geri18

The devil isn't getting my sole until Im ready lol 👿😀😇

Chris @Chris70

Personally I accept it and the sooner I did the less stressed and depressed I felt

Beefchop @beefchop

Good answer Chris , I would like it gone but I like my soul it’s good so I have learn to love with it

James @ferns

I'm an atheist so would have no problem.

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Absolutely not for sale! :D Lol
Not worth giving up who I am :)

Steve @cartermac13

Not selling my soul, but I no good & well they will come out with a cure for P while I'm lying on my death bed, heck they'll probably have a cure for baldness then too :)

dorothy @dorothy17

Nope I would not get rid of it I am happy I lived with it for so long maybe if i'm older I would feel different, yeah I itch and have this blotches but why sell my soul I love my soul because psoriasis is not my soul it is my skin the parcel i'm wrapped in. you get crinkled paper and smooth paper mine has marks on so what.............. lol WE ARE UNIQUE

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Ruth @MissD
Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

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