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How can my hands be so dry?I put enough moisturizer on my skin for 3 people.I'm a RPN and I know I was my hands alot and use hand sanitizer but .Whats up with the dryness?


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Jen @jen1984

Hi Roxanne
Mine are extremely dry as well. No feeling in fingertips. At first they looked like I've been soaking in the bath too long. Now they are peeling all over. Skin specialist gave me salicylic acid and sulphur cream. It seems to work so far.

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Rozanne. What type of moisturizer do you use?

Roxanne @roxanne

Working hands or creams with Shea butter and or cocanut oil.

Eve @eve76

As your GP to give you double base moisturiser, works well for me

Sarah @sarahuk

My friend is a nurse and she gets mega dry hands too... for her it's all the handwashing and sanitising on very long shifts! She doesn't have psoriasis. But guess its a tough profession for that...

Roxanne @roxanne

For sure Sarah a d I dont have P on my hands at all.

Carla @carlanh

I've found that cocoa butter by Palmers, offered in its many forms, helps. It's really all that does.

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Carla. I have used that moisturizer as well and I love the smell. ( I actually just bought it because of the smell and to my surprise it worked on my skin. My skin was so soft and silky ( joke)

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Roxanne @roxanne
Napanee, ON, Canada

I have had Psoriasis since I was 21.I have learned to live with it .My P is Guttate.

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