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I have psoriasis all over my scalp and in my ears I have tried most things for my scalp that has not worked any suggestions wud be great including in my ears which drive me mad on a daily basis I'm a cotton bud freak and go the at least 200-400 week


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psoriasisvictim @psoriasisvictim

Try T/Gel shampoo. It works for me!!

Jessica @saldije12

Hi there Diane! Try tea tree or coconut oil for the flakes apple cider vinegar for the itch

Geraldine @geri18

Be careful, they tell you Not to use cotton buds as you may make them worse, I use to do it! Have you tried vinegar and water solution I do it with dropper

Sarah @sarahuk

Diane, hey! Welcome to Flaym. It's a stubborn old thing, scalp and ear psoriasis. Mine has been following me around for 21 years! Well, ears for 19 years (last 2 clear, for now) and scalp 20 years (this year first year clear, for now). I say for now because I always have one eye on it and never say never again! For me ears have been sorted with use of steroid gel for one month, then stopped and switched to Aveeno Cream. Scalp similar story, short use of steroid and coconut oil based ointments, then stopped and switched to Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion and natural oil soaks. Diet change I think has helped both areas to stay calm! That is the long term part which I'm still working on...

Theresa @theresa2

I also use coconut oil both on my scalp twice a week over nite..and in my ears daily

Michele @michele2819

I will try the coconut oil in my ears!

Nora @nora45

Sounds good I’ll try it as well. Thx for the tip

BBw71 @bbw71

I will get my daughter to try this. She has bad psoriasis all over but especially in her hair, neck ears.

Geri @classy

I have psoriasis on scalp too and scalp is red. Mostly dry around the forehead. I know the one thing that will take it away is get rid of stress in your life and psoriasis will go away. Now if you go to a dermatologist he can prescribe a lotion that will help. My gf used something but she is dead now and I don’t have the info.

Janine @janine2

I thought I was the only person who got it in their ears, glad to have found another sufferer. It’s unbearable e at times. Between my ear and my head I have double trouble dandruff!

Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome to Flaym, Ami!

Geri @classy

I have it in my ears too but not so much as I used to. It used to wake me up at night. Good thing it went away

Trish @trish52

I have it in my ears (not great with a hearing aid), behind my ears, and through my scalp and about an inch down my forehead - can cope with that. But lately, I have had it on my eyelid and in my eye - that is not good ..... people think I have conjunctivitis!

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