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Had to go yo the doctors yesterday, with ear infection, result swollen face :(
got ear spray slowly feeling a bit better today but look frightening!!!


Theme Psoriasis in the Ears Psoriasis on the Face

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Susan @godcares

Ouch! My daughter had chronic ear infections when she was on a dairy formula as a baby. I put her on soya and she was fine but she did have to have tubes in her ears till we learned about dairy. I'm not a fan of soya due to all the estrogen in it but back then we didn't have many options. So painful and you have to be careful. Hope it gets better soon for you.

Jessica @saldije12

Oh no! Hope you get to feeling better

Michelle @mishlyn

Aww sorry to hear that. Happy you are a bit better today and hopefully even more so tomorrow!

Sarah @sarahuk

Ah no hope it improves for you Madmum!

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