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My little cat Mollie has been a part of my life for 15 years - today diagnosed with oral cancer going for her last sleep in morning - normally stress would destroy my skin - thanks to biologics I think it will cope, another big tick for the treatment


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john,Hulk @chewbacca

Sorry to hear this victor about your cat, i love cats

Leonie Mateer
Leonie Mateer @leoniemateer

So sorry to hear about Mollie. My thoughts are with you.

carol @carol1943

Went through the same a month ago with my 13 year old dog. Very sad but no flare so thank goodness. Hope you continue to do well. Very hard but love those pets.

Caroline @CAZD

Stop!! Your skin is part of you stop let it being your life

Bev @bev43

So sorry to hear about Mollie. It is such a hard thing to do my thoughts are with you.

Golly @golly

I would go to a witch docter if it worked

Sherry @sherry

I'm so sorry about your cat, Victor. Just be there for her while she begins her journey to the Rainbow Bridge. She will be waiting for you later on.

Mary @mary1981

I'm so sorry about your cat. I love cats. Can't have one where I live, but have had them in the past. Hard to replace one.

Mishlyn @mishlyn

So sorry to hear about your cat Victor. I am happy that your skin wont be a worry for you. Still so hard though. Pets are family members. Not an easy loss. x

Sarah @sarahuk

Victor, it's great to see that your biologics are reducing some of the worry for you, and are encouraging you to feel strong about your skin and stress. This in itself will help so much I'm sure! Sorry for your loss 💜

Stephen @Popmyster

Sorry to hear that victor

Susan @godcares

Victor sorry to hear about your cat. Our pets are part of our family. Sad but you are doing so well, the stress won't affect you at all. Part of life I guess.

Jane @jane2224

So sorry for your loss, glad your psoriasis has improved.

Jenny @je2

Aah no Victor, as a cat lover, I feel for you. They become like one's children. So, so, sorry.

Llain @llain

Sorry to hear of your loss victor, I lost my dog in October after having him for 16 years and still find myself talking to him, so hard to realize he's not with me now.

Nancy @nancy625

Sorry for your little friend. Mollie will always be with you, in spirit.

Lynne @peachkin

I also love cats and can understand how you feel.
Just think of all the memories you will have and you gave
it the best life.

Lynne @peachkin

Ok what kind of shot are you talking about. Could you please explain. Thanks

Bev @bev43

So glad your skin is doing well

Jenny @je2

Pleased to hear that Victor

Ilene @ilene

So sorry to hear about Molly. Sounds like she was well loved and had a wonderful life

Freya @freyaface

I’m so very sorry to hear about your sweet Mollie. I’ve dealt with the passing of two of my fur babies last year. It definitely didn’t help my P at all. I’m glad to hear you’re coping well!

Susan @godcares

Golly you would go to a witch doctor? LOL. Sounds like you are willing to do anything to get better. Some of us were there too. I am better now and share what worked for me. Each of us are different. If you want the elimination diet that I did to start my healing just message me your email. You are at the best site ever for ideas!

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