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For people who want to wear nail polish, but nails are full of ridges. I've just found something called collagen filler polish. I use Nails Inc. It's ace! It smooths out the nail and they feel really strong! Feel pretty girls and boys!


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john,Hulk @chewbacca

oooh pretty nails for me, sounds exciting :)diet/lifestyle changes will improve the nails over time beth but, i know thats a choice a choice for everyone :)

Beth @bethika

I've got them a lot better but can't shift the final ridges at all. Always keep trying though.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

keep trying to make them better beth, all one can do is make things better for themselves, i hope you get them looking snazzzy :)

Sarah @sarahuk

Love that Beth, do you paint the normal varnish on the top?

Susan @godcares

That's cool Beth. I only wear clear nail polish but it's more a nail strengthener. I'm more tom boyish... LOL My nails are fine though thank God.

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Great tip Beth! Thanks for sharing!

agb @agb

thanks for the tip. I plan to keep my nails pretty for as long as possible.

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Beth @bethika
Preston, United Kingdom

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