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What can I use on my nails for moisturizer


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Geraldine @geri18

Have you tried Tea tree oil and coconut oil?
I also use a tropical steroid cream from doctor which works well for me

Mishlyn @mishlyn

I love the mix of coconut oil and tea tree oil on my nail as well. It gives them a good soak and hydrates them as well. This winter I have been using Moringa oil on my hands and feet. It absorbs awesome and is not greasy. A good soak with Epsom salt is also great. Welcome to Flaym Geri!

Sarah @sarahuk

Hi Geri, welcome to Flaym! I use Aveeno moisturiser for everthing! When my toenails were awful and really psoriatic I used tea tree on them but I didn't feel much improvement, although it smelled amazing!

Geraldine @geri18

Hi Geri
I'm a Geri Too! lol 😁
Aveeno is a good moisturiser I agree with Sarah, tea tree oil and coconut oil are a good antiseptic try adding oil to your moisturiser.

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