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Feeling at my lowest and darkest, just been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, life is over, my job as scrub nurse is over, I hate this condition,


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Zachary @zachary

I know it may not seem like it right now but there is still a life worth living with pa and yes it may limit the things you want to do but there are many avenues to happiness. I hope in time you find it.

Angela72 @angela72

I love my job as a scrub nurse, I work saving lives, my fingers sometimes don't work and this obviously is a downfall...I also love being a nurse but not on a ward which is my only option now,,,,,,,

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Hello angela, , it may not be, i thought this 15 years ago that i was doomed , went through pain etc for 3 years, it did subside to a degree, try not to think too much in the future, i did and i managed and who knows it could be not too bad in the future, i do diet/ lifestyle changes and my joints are much better, i wish you well

agb @agb

I understand how you feel. I was diagnosed 6 months ago.
As an accountant I use my fingers all the time to keyboard or use the adding machine. Sometimes, when I go home my hands ache. I rub lotion to warm them in the evening and try to rest. I started taking anti-inflammatory meds that help when my joints are too sore. Also, I get up and walk for 30 minutes in the morning before I go to work. It seems to help loosen my joints and my body.
Don't give up.

Sarah @sarahuk

Hi Angela72, wow that is really hard to think you can't keep going in your job with your condition the way it is. Are any of your medical team discussing options with you? Are there any options you haven't tried yet? Many people try the more intensive medications for psa...and others do major lifestyle changes. Or a mixture of both! There must be better times around the corner for you. You just have to find them 💜

Angela72 @angela72

Being a scrub nurse you have to remain sterile during operations, sometimes my fingers go in opposite directions, also I have problems in my left ankle and foot, so standing for 10 plus hours of an operation is hard work, also yesterday and today all my nails have crumbled and broke off, is this normal

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Hello angela, i am sorry to hear this, it can happen with psoriatic arthritis which is inflammation, i sorted my nails with diet lifestyle changes and my joints,so sorry to hear all this

Geri @classy

I was like that at first but the more I knew about it and learned I could deal with it and not really take anything either. But on the same note I am sorry your going thru so much. Everyone is different and I am not as bad as you are. Big hugs your way !

Geraldine @geri18

Sorry to hear Angela
Go through your emotions and be strong, it may be a nasty shock at first but understanding and learning is part of the journey.

Candice @cangey

Hi Angela, I’m so sorry for how you are feeling right now. I know it’s hard. I was diagnosed last year with psoriasis and checked for psoriatic arthritis. I did not have pa. However, in my readings about both diseases, depression is a part of this along with pain in joints, even if you don’t have pa. So, because of that, I was having the pain and depression, I started taking an antidepressant. One that also helps with physical pain. While every day is not coming up roses, I have started to feel better with something that helps me to manage my pain. Just wanted to share something that worked for me, as a nurse, I’m sure you know these things, just my story. I wish you the best and begin to feel better.

Peggy @peggy5

I understand your anger. I lost my job and now I just stability because a my issues and it is a grieving process

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