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Does fingernail pitting come and go? A few of mine started to go pitted last year and I was watching them like a hawk. Now they don't look pitted but a different finger is looking pitted worse than the others did...What is going on?!


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john,Hulk @chewbacca

yes like dots on the finger nails chris that is pitted, mine came sarah and then went to nails coming away from their beds, we are all different so, it may not go that way for all, mine look normal at the moment ,on my fingers for sure :)

Paul @Kiwi

I believe so...mine seems to occur on different fingers depending on what I'm doing, weather, stress etc.

James @ferns

Mine don't pit as such, they go what I would describe as corrugated. They do sometimes seem to want to come away at the tips. My toenails on the other hand, grow almost like they're folded in half, and can start to go ingrown. Years ago my two big toenails went really bad to the point where they removed them. They grew back, but are now twice as thick and cratered like the surface of the moon. Cutting them requires protective clothing in a windowless room.

Stacy @S

My one thumb nail is all weird shaped and discolored and there’s a few dots but there barely noticeable I went to the doc cause I taught it was nail fungus to be honest and that’s when she started putting the psoarisis and pains and aches together and told me she was sending to be tested for the psa I’d never even heard of it before that then another doc told me it was nail fungus and get me tablets that say do not take if you have psoarisis now I don’t know what to think

Ruben @ruben

Same here, once in a while one nail wil pit out completely and then gone for some time... Strange things

Jan @jan1967

welcome to the world of Psoriasis and fingernails! Mine mostly lifted from the nail beds but it would come and go for years. Now they are damaged and will probably never go back to normal. Keep them cut very short, do not wear fake nails and try to keep them out of water as much as possible. Sorry you are going through this.

Geraldine @geri18

Mine are pitted and indented and just split or peel. I have buffed and buffed and wear nail harder polish, I have lost a couple of toe nails. Inflammation around base of nails.

Mishlyn @mishlyn

I am the same Sarah, it comes and goes. I think maybe it is similar to P. Flare ups coming and going? Some filing and a couple coats of nail polish does the trick for me when pitting is present.

Roxanne @roxanne

I think mine do this too.

RedSpotEliminator @redspoteliminator

I've had pitting too - it comes and goes. Actually, I haven't hard any fingernail psoriasis for awhile now. Hated it - people would always ask me about it. Like I had no idea about it until your brought it up (sacrcasm).

Ellen @ellen4

My nails are completely yellow underneath .. they are also very painful nails grow off the nail bed & curve upwards so I have to keep them short . My toe nails are super thick and are hard to cut coz the nail clipper is not wide enough.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

quite a few years ago my toe nails were so hard and fungal looking, they used to grow inwards for which i used to pull them off,very painful,i think my angle grinder(disc cutter) would done a good job to get them off if i had the courage to apply it to my toe nails :)

James @ferns

Just for my big toenails I bought some clippers that have more in common with wire cutters. Even those require a bit of force. I have zero control over where the shrapnel goes though.

Sarah @sarahuk

Haha James I need to take my toenail cutting advice from you if my psoriasis toenails ever come back again! Mine were terrible on one whole foot for about 3 years. But now they look normal again, it's just this pitting. My nails look weird in general at the moment acutally, bit of ridging, bit of pitting, bit of patchiness... Watching that space. Thanks for sharing your experiences with it, it's good to know I'm not alone in the world of nail p...

Michelle507 @michelle1975

I have pitting, ridging, splitting - I yend to keep nails short, for work, and don’t wear nail varnish - I tend to use a soft file over them to reduce the ridges and keep the cuticles pushed back. I also moisturise the nail bed with an oil and this seems to help...
I would like sometime to have nice long nails and red nail varnish and a broomstick for the flying nights shifts!! 😈

James @ferns

I got an old but still working electric toothbrush, cut the bristles off and glued some emory board to it, made myself a little electric nail smoother. I then found someone had beaten me to it and companies were making them. Anyone used them? I'd like to know how robust they are.

Sarah @sarahuk

I haven't used those James, but I know of some people saying they use Dremmels 😣 I am sure this was never recommended by anyone ever! Yeowwwch! No way for me...

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