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How do you deal with the scaling every few days? Mine is so thick and painful?


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Sarah @sarahuk

My scaling has been at it's thickest on my scalp and knees. The knees very painful kneeling down to play with my children etc. My scaling has come right down with a massive focus on very regular moisturising with Aveeno cream, and longer term diet changes. I did used to find that it came in cycles likes you describe, from red and angry but flatter, to dry and white but more scaly.

Janice @Immy

I put Epsom Salts in my bath water, soak for about 20 minutes and then use an emollient cream and I cannot believe the difference and if you suffer with inverse psoriasis especially under the boobs it totally goes, of course it will come back if you don't keep up with the soaks.

Mishlyn @mishlyn

It can be quite difficult in those times Angie. I find when scaling gets thick and painful I need to keep moisturized constantly. I use the salves I make, it goes a long way and is quite soothing. A trick I have learned is mixing coconut oil with teatree oil, melt together, them pour into small containers and put it in the freezer. Its type of cool down bar. Which is incredibly soothing on inflamed skin. Omega 3 has been a really great addition for me as well. I hope it settles down for you soon! 🌼

Susan @godcares

Angie I remember one thing for sure. Huge thick patches on my scalp and on my elbows and side of my legs. I am now getting rid of the scarring by using frankincense oil. Just a bit.

One thing about the buildup is that you have to be on top of it. I think soaking in the tube EVERY day with whatever oil, even vegetable oil,then exfoliating with whatever, a brush, salt rub... I actually used one of those foot scrubbers that pedicurists use. Not the roughest side but the more gentle side. Back then I would then apply my recommended doctor creams. I had to do this everyday to get a grip on things. I remember my legs would crack and I'd have blood spots coming through my uniform. Lovely! LOL

I do think though that you might want to try the elimination diet thought if I haven't sent it to you. Figure out why it's so bad by what you take into your body. That's how I began my journey of healing but I did alot along the way. Now at 56 without any autoimmune dis-eases it's a very different life to be healed. I had many different dis-eases. We are all here to help you and there are many ideas.

Lynn @lynnb366

I used to use a sugar scrub and one of those stones they use for pedicures 😧. Sounds painful, and was a little bit but it also felt so good! Havent had psoriasis plaques in a minimum of 2 years though.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

mine dosnt build up thankfully,it dosnt get bad, can get sore
but not hugely,sorry to hear this angie

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