...feeling afraid Jen @jen1984


Ok bought a beautiful pineapple. Peeled it and chopped it for juicing.
Made my hands itch like crazy!!! Does that mean I'm allergic? Not drinking it now...too scared!


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Sarah @sarahuk

Ah no Jen! Wise to give it a miss I think, you wouldnt want that itching sensation on the inside! Perhaps you could give the pineapple a break and then try again in a few days? If the same happens, maybe best to avoid!

Jen @jen1984

Yeah so strange. I did the same two weeks ago and no problem....
I think I will go for allergy testing

Michelle @mishlyn

That's a good idea Jen. Better to be safe than sorry indeed. Have you ever had a reaction eating it before? I should look into a test myself. Would be interested in seeing what it has to say!

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Jen I found that pineapple makes me itch as well. I don't even drink pineapple juice. Well. I don't drink any fruit juice as my skin flares up once I had some.

steve @beachbum

I think pineapple is the least important in my kombucha mix for curing psoriasis. Galangal, turmeric, and ginger are more anti-inflammatory and have the most impact on inhibiting NF-kB. Also, just FYI for those that may use pineapple, I don't peel it. I juice it all for maximum benefit. The skin is high in bromelains. I just scrub the surface with a brush and water to remove any fungicides or pesticides.

Susan @godcares

I think it's the acid. Same thing happens to me.

Bellammae @bellammae

Better safe than sorry

john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

yes, too much acid can make your mind go funny

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Jen @jen1984
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

My pso started to get serious about 5 years ago but ive never been this itchy and sore from it.

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