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I started a restrictive diet on January 18th after reading posts here and two books about diet and psoriasis. Anybody further along have any tips, suggestions, or insights?


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Jeanette @jeanette69

Yes, I keep saying this ALLERGY TEST :)

Chris @chris307

Jeanette, do you get that from a regular doctor or specialist?

Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome back, Chris! I've been experimenting with diet for about 9 months now. A series of moves... first elimination of nightshades, then reduction and finally elimination of gluten too, then dairy as well, and sugar, alcohol along the way. For the past 2 weeks I'm now fully Autoimmune Protocol compliant. Only meat, fish, vegetables and fruit and nothing else. None of the previous stuff, plus also no nuts, seeds, legumes (dried or with edible pods) or grains of any kind. Skin is calmest it has ever been! I'm treating it like a big experiment to see where my skin can get to with this approach. To see if it is worth it for me!

RedSpotEliminator @redspoteliminator

Drink lots of water - I drink 8-10 glasses a day. Exercise regularly. Moisturize religiously. Supplements are up to you, but right now I take a multivitamin, Vitamin D3, Curcumin and Omega 3. Avoid excess sugar & alcohol. Don't smoke. Have cold or lukewarm showers. Pad dry yourself. If I think of anything else, I'll let you know.

Susan @godcares

Chris you know about my healing and I think what we put into our bodies is going to show up good, or bad, in our dis-ease or our skin or any symptoms. Basically, Jeanette has a good point. Some of us might just be allergic to some things. For example I have zero issues with any vegetables, even night shades. But some on this site can't have them. I pretty much stick to my vegetable and protein. I never have to try get carbs into my body. I get them through my vegetable and also from some fruit but I dont eat alot fo fruit as sugar for me is kind of like a toxin. Blessings to you and good job on cleaning up your diet.

Michelle @mishlyn

That's great to hear Chris :) Dietary changes and supplements has been very beneficial to me as well. I would recommend keeping a journal, if you haven't already. Its a good way to keep track of how your feeling and how you will respond to different foods once you start adding them back in. Good Luck!! Looking forward to hearing about your progress!

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Living with psoriasis since 1995. Eager to learn from everyone here and hear your stories.

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