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I have psoriatic arthritis. In the past I trained for half marathons and took weight training classes 3 x week. Now I get tired quickly and feel drained after I workout. Besides yoga what other workouts do you do that do not drain your energy?


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Susan @godcares

agb I tend to walk mostly. I also bike ride in the warmer months, hike to Kalamalka lake, snow shoe when I'm in the mood at the local ski hill, swim in the lake doing laps. I don't really have any symptoms now of anything. I used to be doing gym workouts but my knees have bone chips now from high impact aerobic exercises. I also have hand weights that I use as well just at home.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

I did a 4 mile walk yesterday and tend to walk a lot at work, i dont do exercise unless its the summer 5k fun run as i cant deal very well with sweating,my job is fairly active so that is enough exercise for me i think, i dont want to lose anymore weight thanks :)

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi there agb. I'm an outdoor person so I do things that is fun. Hiking, river rafting, zip lining and 4x4 offroad trails. These can never drain my energy because while having fun, I get some exercise in as well. I hate the gym. Really HATE it. (but should they serve wine, then I will love the gym of course :))

Sarah @sarahuk

Haha you can tell it's Friday wine day Michelle! You're looking forward to that! πŸ˜„ Agb, all my workouts drain my energy in a certain way but in other ways they actively energise me more! It's weird... I do indoor cycling ("spinning") twice a week at least. It is intense cardio, but low impact on the joints because of it being on a bike. It's 45 minutes each class. And it's awesome! 🚡🚡🚡

agb @agb

I have not tried a spinning class. Not sure how I feel about a tiny bike seat.
I did try a mash up class it’s similar to a cross fit class.

Sarah @sarahuk

Try it and see what you think! The seats aren't that tiny πŸ˜‰

Walter @walter1

Walking and swimming in warm water and my Fysio and that is it. Other things I can't do anymore.

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