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Has anyone used cover up to hide spots on arms and if so did it make it worse?


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Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Desley. I have tried to cover my P but I started itching so I washed it off. Your skin can't breath when covering it up with all sorts of make up. It actually triggers your P. Well that's my opinion but it might have worked for someone else :)

Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome to Flaym, Desley! I have done it before for a friend's wedding... I don't think it went very well and I didn't do it again! It was more than it didn't properly cover it anyway, and actually clogged the skin up... I think it might have made it look more obvious rather than less obvious in the end!

Desley @desley

Thanks so much, ladies...that’s what I thought. I have had a breakout since just after Christmas and the coconut oil does eventually fade it and it goes away. It just takes soooo long and I am an active person so wear a lot of sleeveless stuff and it is very tempting sometimes to cover it up. But you have confirmed what I was already thinking. What I have is called Dermablend so it’s not actual make up but still do not like putting anything but natural stuff on it. It’s easier at work with aircon (with the faithful black jacket) but harder on weekends when I am out and about. 😬

Sarah @sarahuk

Not heard of Dermablend, bet it could be useful if you could get it to work and look natural! But yep, think fresh air has got to be the best thing, unless you need to be in photos etc or feel particularly self conscious it might be worth just letting it breathe!

Desley @desley

Thanks Sarah. I have used it once on a spot on my hand. The girl in the chemist was very good at matching the shade to my skin. It is the perfect shade and it was very good cover. Just conscious of putting anything on it that may make it worse while the coconut oil does it’s work.

Geri @classy

I have only use something to cover up redness on my scalp not arms or anything since I don’t have anything anywhere that shows.

Desley @desley

Hi Geri - I am not sure what’s worse! I don’t get it on the scalp or anywhere else that you can’t see which I am thankful for but I do get it on arms and ankles where you can see so it’s hard to hide it - especially in summer so sometimes it’s tempting to cover it. ☺️

Lorna Penner
Lorna Penner @lornapenner


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