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I hate leaving everywhere white dead cells that fall down from my skin!!!Wherever I seat it's like it has snowed after I live the place where I was!!!


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Jānis @jānis

Same with me! Specially when your a guest somewhere... :(

Caitlin @caitlin

Does my head in as I can't wear black a lot :( and it's my favourite colour :(

Victor @furjaniz

Does it fall from your hair?

PsoRhymus @psorhymus

At least it stops us from committing any major crimes... We'd leave evidence everywhere! (I hate it too though)

Eftychia @eftychia

It is not good not to wear the clothes that one likes :( .
And it is also bad when one is at a place that is not his...to leave his "marks" :(

Eftychia @eftychia

Yes. It falls from my hair!!!

Don @don

that's why I hate getting dressed up all your clothes got covered with snow hahah xx

Psoriatic4good @psoriatic4good

Choose You're clothes that matches You're flake color ;)

I hate wearing black clothes because it looks like a bad comedy circus after couple of hours :)

Suzie @Ratgirl

My calling card!!!! You can ALWAYS see where I have been sitting :-)

Eftychia @eftychia

But I'd like to wear more black clothes cause they hide the excess of my weight :/

Ankur Kumar tanwar
Ankur Kumar tanwar @ankurkumartanwar

Any rashes also on body , since how many months you are suffer from

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Eftychia @eftychia
Athens, Central Athens, Greece

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