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Scalp psoriasis started when my dad was I'll. And has driven me mad for the last 19 years


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Michelle @mishlyn

Hi Tracey, Sadly, heartache and worry and trauma can start the onset of psoriasis. Mine came when I lost my grandmother 25 years ago.
I am sure you have tried some of the many shampoos that are out there, but have you tried Extra Strength Tgel? It works really great for me. The regular Tgel has never helped me much. If you browse the themes section for scalp, you will find a lot of really great ideas and tips. I hope you can find something that will be helpful for you! Welcome to Flaym Tracey!

Sarah @sarahuk

Hi Tracey, welcome to Flaym! Scalp p can be so long term, I know mine is. 21 years. But this last year is the first I've managed to get it clear! Now just low level itch now and again rather than the flaking, thick plaques, bleeding, cracking etc that it was for so many years. I've found oil soaks to bring loads of relief, and done often it has brought my flaking down to nothing over time. I also used steroid cream and coconut oil based ointment to get the thickest most nasty plaques under control at the crown of my head. And in between washes I used Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion to lightly moisturise the flakey bits without having to wash the hair. Long term, diet changes have made a big difference to my inflammation levels, and in the past 9 months this has been a big focus for me on getting my skin and immune system sorted! Hope any of this is helpful. More in the themes section under "scalp"...

Tracey @tracey3674
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