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Latest measure of an improvement in the condition of my psoriasis. I took off the most chafy pair of drainpipe jeans yesterday, and no flakes inside the knees! That is a massive win! How do you measure improvements in your psoriasis everyone?


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Chris @Chris70

Well if I could get I'm skinny jeans Sarah πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ Always socks for me as am indicator

James @ferns

A full unbroken nights itch free sleep does it for me.

Jake @jake70

Generally, my bad days consist of lots of itching of my scalp. Improvement is felt when there is no itching or scaling, that's how I know if my diet or shampoo or whatever, has a positive effect.

Lorna Penner
Lorna Penner @lornapenner

Blessings instead of flakes.

Lynn @lynnb366

Yay Sarah!! That’s awesome news.
I can only measure my pain and swelling of my psoriatic arthritis since I’ve rid myself of the skin plaques a couple years ago. But I know if it’s good or bad depending on how I move when I first awaken.

RedSpotEliminator @redspoteliminator

The ultimate test: can I go swimming in a public pool

Michelle @mishlyn

Thats great to hear Sarah! πŸ˜ƒ For me, the ultimate test is how my bed sheets look in the morning. They have been flake free for about 7 weeks 😊 Funny tho, how I still expect them to be there when I make my bed on the morning, lol

Susan @godcares

Sarah I remember back in the day it was pain. Psoriatic arthritis was bad but my skin had these massive patches that were more like scabs, not flakes. I remember at times I would take my pants off and I would have these blood spots on the inside where the skin would crack. There were other times when I had nylons on (long ago. Haven't worn them in years!), there would be blood on the outside and my co workers would let me know. They were awesome friends to me. When that lessened to just scaling with my changes, the I knew things were improving.

Bev @bev43

Congrats Sarah

Chris @Chris70

Susan,nylons did you have the lines up the back with gravy ? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜

Susan @godcares

God Chris... Too funny! No, just regular nylons, no gravy. LOL.

 John,Toxin portal patch
John,Toxin portal patch @chewbacca

From a scale of 1 to 10? have 3 scales that are slightly big,measure around inch and a half, seems its likes it just under my right hand side rib cage, i had it there last year,some on elbows but not bad , knees are quite good cant complain and a spotty everywhere else, i really measure my improvements through my psoriatic arthritis and nails more than skin, i dont flake much at all,never really have for years accept from steroid withdrawl a while ago on my face, thats all gone now ,congrats sarah :)

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Sarah. Mine is when I get up in the mornings and see no flakes in my bed then I have a smile on my face the whole day

Mark @markcoruk

Look on the floor if there is nothing there it's a good sign.

Susan @godcares

Mark does little dog poop count? Hahahaha

Sarah @sarahuk

I like your psoriasis measures people! That is cool to see how others check their progress. For most it seems no flakes = winning! For me I also think I measure the itch too. I think the itch precedes the flake outbreaks in my case so less itch = less flakes.

Michael @mi

Me it's the red also!

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