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I’m a newbie at this group. It’s my first time participating into psoriasis app. I have a lot issues with my psoriasis condition, but I’m dealing with it the best I can. It’s hard on top of everything like I’m also Deaf. Any Deaf people here??


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Michelle @mishlyn

Hi Sara, dealing the best we can is the important thing. Good for you. Some days will be better than others, but that's okay :) Feeling alone with psoriasis can run deep, since I have found Flaym, alone is something I do not feel anymore, and it is amazing. I am happy you found us here, you are not alone here! We are all in this together :) Welcome to Flaym!

Lynn @lynnb366

Welcome Sara! I’m sure you’ll find lots of different options in this group. So sorry you need to deal with everything you’re going through.

Deleted account

I'm not deaf myself, but I'm currently doing my masters so I can teach deaf children. It can't be easy having to deal with this on top of psoriasis.. Feel for you!

Michael @mi

Hi Sara, you're not alone!!

Michael @mi

Welcome to the journey!!

Michael @mi

Sarah and Michelle are amazing cheerleaders on here full of great advice and tips! As well as many others!! I don't get on here as much as I would like but I'm sure you will find some comfort in this group!! God bless!!

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