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I have had psoriasis for the last few years, not severe, but bad enough to cover my arms and legs. Now I'm having outbreaks on my face, especially lateral to both eyebrows.
Suggestions? Had chemo 19 years ago so my immune system is shot


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Michelle @mishlyn

Hi Lynne, I am sorry to hear about your outbreaks. I like to use coconut oil mixed with tea tree oil to help soothe and heal. There are many great posts from others if you browse the themes section for the topic face, that I hope can be helpful for you. I also recommend checking out the natural approaches topic for things that may be helpful at home. Welcome to Flaym!

Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome, Lynne! It's really hard to see your coverage grow like that. I had similar last year with my first guttate p outbreak. Have you seen your derm recently? Might be a good call to see what options are available to you.

lynne @lynne1968

Thanks. Unfortunately my health insurance is horrible and doesn't cover much. A year from now I will have Medicare and a supplement so hopefully something medically can be done

 John,Toxin portal patch
John,Toxin portal patch @chewbacca

Hello lynne, have you thought about diet/lifestyle changes ? It may lesson symptoms for you though, it is a choice i know, i wish you well

lynne @lynne1968

Thanks. I'm working on that right now. According to my food allergy testing the only thing I can eat is celery and that's debatable

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lynne @lynne1968
St Louis, MO, USA

Semi retired RN, 42 years in an OR, retired to Ecuador with my husband, got sick, moved back home and bought a loft in St Louis. Had to go back to work a few days/month to pay for health insurance.

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