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Hi team, long time no write (mainly as I had nothing new to add). I suspect I've found something extremely useful to ease the p. Have you heard of dadruhari? Found in a visit to India, this plant extract has been extremely effective for my facial p.


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Anton @tarquinious

Visiting a natural remedy nursery near Kerala in India I bought a bottle of this supposed psoriasis cure. It is a plant extract (10%) mixed with coconut oil (90%). Quite greasy, but used on face, elbows and hair line before bed each night has done wonders! Unsure how to buy it online, but interested if others have tried it and found it helpful or not.

Michelle @michelle1021

An oil which helps in complete cure from psoriasis, fungal infections, itching and skin allergies,Especially for diabetic itching.

Usage: Apply the oil two or three times daily on affected area, Wash it out after 20 minutes" -

Well, It can't hurt to try. Thanx for sharing Anton

Michelle @michelle1021

Isn't it actually cannabis oil? I've tried the soap and will never again. Sorry, I googled it and it gave me "cannabis oil". Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Geri @classy

That’s awesome!! Never heard of it. So glad it works for you !

Sarah @sarahuk

That's ace, Anton, welcome back to Flaym! Thanks for sharing this, sounds very encouraging. Especially as facial p is so hard to treat in an awkward place.

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