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Hey everyone!! My psoriasis is going away! I am doing tapping!! You can check it out on tappingsolotions It’s to relieve stress and open the body to heal. I do it every day and doing yoga and mediating also. ! So it really works !!


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Susan @godcares

Geri that is too funny! I just responded to Flaym that I have started tapping. I did it many years ago, but decided to do it again. I love it and it really is a good way to de stress. Personally, I don't like yoga. LOL. Just find it stressful trying to do the poses. That's me though. I know it's a great thing.

Sarah @sarahuk

I have never heard of tapping!

Michelle @mishlyn

Awesome Geri! I have tried tapping and find it very therapeutic. Nick and Jessica Ortner are really wonderful people to follow and learn about tapping. They even have a tapping technique dealing with autoimmune disorders specifically :) Thank you for the reminder! I haven't done any in a long time. Need to revisit. So happy it is helping you!!

Geri @classy

I am 66. A Taurus. And I am so suborn !! I have seen so many posts on people going thru so much with psoriasis! I used to have it all over my body. Now just one spot on my butt and have it on my scalp! On my scalp is the worse cause it affects my h

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