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My P was severe a year ago,7 months ago it cleared up apart from the face, with no treatment and I'm left with faded scars Recently P showed itself on my elbows and knees and lil bit dry on my scalp, could P show itself everywhere severely again?


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Amber @amber92

Well, yeah actually. I was completely clear for about a whole year or so using a biologic around 2014-2015.. and I'm covered again.

Susan @godcares

Possibly but keep up great food intake with the things you see here. Keep your stress (negative stress especially) to a minimum. Speak over yourself the fact that it will not show itself everywhere again. I sure pray that doesn't happen for you Kloey.

Ruben @ruben

I had a bad flare up this weekend after letting my diet slip completely (was hit by the flu quite hard and didn't look after my food...)
But I'm recovering quick, guess the vitamine D and curcumin really help, even to recover from a flare up!

Sarah @sarahuk

Sure Kloey, it definitely can. Just when we think it's under control...BAM! It likes to surprise us. Although for me there's always a reason. Hormones, illness and stress are my biggest reasons. Then there's food too longer term!

Roxanne @roxanne

It can Kloey Nuggets .
I have stains from P spots.

Michelle @mishlyn

It has for me as well Kloey. It's really great to hear your skin has been clear for 7 months :) Try and keep your focus and your thoughts on your beautiful healed clear skin. Our minds truly are powerful tools. When I get negative thoughts about my skin, I try and recognize it and then push them out with *I Am So Grateful For My Healthy, Vibrant, Clear, Beautiful Skin* repeatedly until I start to feel better. I have done this even when my skin was at its worse. It really has helped pave the way towards healing for me.

Susan @godcares

Great advice Michelle. I think our minds are way more powerful than we think. Wane Dyer has tons of video's about this exact thing. Thoughts become things is what tut dot com talks about too.

Michelle @mishlyn

Absolutely Susan! Wayne Dyer is one of my all time Heroes and one of the greatest teachers in my life. Both he and Louise Hay hold that top spot for me. They helped change my life with psoriasis. I am currently reading his book *The Power of Intention. It is quite good. I just started and am looking forward to learning more. Thanks Susan :)

Susan @godcares

Sounds like a good book Michelle. I have seen so many you tube video's of both Wayne and Louise. Super humans who did leave their mark on this planet.

Michelle @mishlyn

They sure did Susan. Quite sad to see them go. Their spirits and teachings will live on forever ❤❤ We will continue to share their wisdom of Love and Self Love 😊

Steve @cartermac13

Yes it can, I had to stop Biologics for 90 days when I switched jobs & my body other than my face exploded! Never want to do that again!

Brenda/joy @viking1967

Hi don't stress that will make P happy that's the last thing you want You want to be happy not the P my name is Brenda Engbaek I am a old lady and friends with Susan she's a great woman for support

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Kloey (Nuggets)
Kloey (Nuggets) @nuggetsmcr
Manchester, United Kingdom

I am 21 years old and have had psoriasis since my early teens. I love to play Xbox, and i like to help others in any way i can, im always available to talk to if you need a friend. Psoriasis will not beat me! :)

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