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New school year, very hectic here.
Question for all you knowledgeable people. What is the difference between biologics and immune suppressant tablets?
Do your nails become crumbly/change colour/lift off the nail bed if you have P under them?


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Ellen @ellen4

Hi Diane ..regarding the nails ...all that you mentioned happens if you have nail P.....some actually come off the nail bed completely ....

Jessica @saldije12

Hi Diane! Everyone is different however when I had Nail P I had all of the things you listed.

Sarah @sarahuk

Hey Diane. Yes biologics are a category of immunosurpressants. All biologics are immunosurpressants, but not all immunosurpressants are biologics! Yes biologics are more targeted in how they work. Yes all of those things happened to my nails. They became thick, white / yellow, impossible to cut, crumbly and I didn't even have a nail bed anymore. So painful 😥 Hope the start to the new school year goes well. New year, onwards and upwards 💜

Roxanne @roxanne

Yes your nails can become crumbly with P .But have your dr. check for fungus as well.

Mishlyn @mishlyn

My nails are doing good at the moment Diane, but I have experienced all of what you mentioned in the past. I often wondered to myself if the reason my nails got so bad was because of the amount of picking and scratching I did on my skin and the build up. Possibility perhaps??

john,Hulk @chewbacca

i had it bad years ago, nails coming away on fingers and toes, very painful and the fungal look aswell, mine were fungal looking last year my diet has changes that, i used to get told as a child, do not pick it as it will spread,i suppose it would get worse by picking ,

Michael @mi

Have you tried tea tree oil for nails!??

Ellen @ellen4

No I haven't ... how does one apply it....

Sarah @sarahuk

I used tea tree oil on my nails when they were terrible. It's meant to antibacterial! Not sure if / how it contributed to it clearing up but I used it anyway!

Pam @pam1976

I've used tea tree or melrose oil and it helped alot.

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