...feeling hopeful Stef @StfAnyZé


Flake free since 2 months, just have few red marks on my legs... What I have done ? Nothing. Maybe just being happy helps !!! Wish you all the same ☺


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Sarah @sarahuk

That's great Stef! Good to hear of your progress. Maybe feeling happy just radiates through our bodies and clears us up. I'd like to think that is true!

Michelle @mishlyn

I think being happy helps a whole lot Stef 😊 Great to hear your skin has been doing so well!

Jo @jo73

Mine moves....If it's not on my scalp it's in my ear then moves to my back. Never had it in the usual places like knees and elbows. As a child had patches on my tummy, not had this from age of 10 though....strange condition!

Stef @StfAnyZé
Toulouse, France

Recovering little by little flake by flake

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