...feeling excited Joan @joanmpenn


Hello! I have just arrived and I have had psoriasis since 1976! I am all about the fun and joy in life! And the more spice the better, because if I can do spicy food then I might as well laugh!


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Sarah @sarahuk

Hi Joan, welcome to Flaym! Ooo that's some good years of experience for us all to share! So great that you are retaining that view of life. It hasn't been grinding you down which is really great!

Jeiniris @jeiniris

Hi! Welcome, I also just arrived.

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Laughter is the Best medicine Joan :) I Love your outlook! Well done. Looking forward to hearing more of your experiences! Welcome to Flaym!

Michelle @michelle1021

Welcome to Flaym Joan. We all love a good laugh and looking forward in you sharing your P experiences with us.

Joan @joanmpenn

I am an out going introvert! I love to laugh and I really enjoy just about any type of comedy! I call my dogs random names and they make me laugh so hard sometimes!!

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