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Ok , so i tried pure arnica oil in a normal vaseline based cream and it seems to have gone FANTASTICALLY poorly as my flare up on my legs and stomach are rioting a beautiful raging red glowing orange / burnt purple lol , please help ?


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Mayank @mayank

Hi Clive, I'm also from. Durban, and have been able to heal myself completely, after suffering for 40 years. If you contact me, on [...], I will be able to advise you.

Sarah @sarahuk

Oh no Clive, that is the worst. Sometimes trying something new can really backfire. I've had this before a few times. The latest one was maybe last year when using Burt's Bees bath foam in my children's bath and it turned my whole forearms bright red where I was bathing them! I think the best I could do at the time was to make sure it was all washed off, and return to a very mild unperfumed old favourite moisturiser and keep all fingers and toes crossed that it would go away. It did, after a few days, but I never used that stuff again!

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Sorry to hear that Clive, I hope it has been able to calm down a bit since then. If not, have you tried a bath or washing the areas you applied it to? I am wondering if the Vaseline was protective enough for the oil? Its important to use a safe carrier oil like grapeseed, coconut or almond to dilute herbal/essential oils. What ratio did you use when mixing it with vaseline?

Clive @clive1

I was very precise and meticulous in the pharmaceutical measurements when i mixed it - i splashed a lot of pure arnica oil into a smallish blob of Vaseline cream L.O.L. blush !! Typical male i just mixed randomly !! double blush !!

popeye @el1

Clive - It's a Narrow Band UVB Lamp which is different than what you get in a Sun Bed Shop , I have a hand held one and you can do one area at a time .

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Clive @clive1
Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

I am a garden variety South African middle aged male ,with way to much mouth and far too little brain power! Psoriasis was adorable i'm sure in the Jurassic age, but currently this disorder just makes me feel vulgar and repulsive !

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