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Hi all I have psoriasis had it for about 30 years now tried a lot of things but don’t work and it gets worse in winter just started to put baby bath oil in bath and soak for a hour after a week or so it’s started to ease hope this helps


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Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome to Flaym, Mally! Me too worse in winter. Think it's all the dry heating... I love bath oil, I use the Aveeno one and love it, it's very moisturising for me! I sometimes put oatmeal in my bath too and that helps sometimes!

Mally @mally1

Thanks I will try oatmeal what do you put it in

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Hi Mally, I am happy to hear the oil bath is helping you! You can buy the oatmeal bath packets if you like, or you could use an old stocking and fill it with oats and tie the end and put it in your bath water. It is very soothing, I hope it can be helpful as well! Welcome to Flaym!

Simon @Myskinandi

When I have a flare up I do a week of baths with dead sea salt, Aveeno oil and then moisturise when I get out. Reduces the redness, relaxes me as I usually put one of my favourite shows on the tablet while I soak. Then the treatment goes on. Relaxing is as much a part of the treatment I think.

Sarah @sarahuk

That sounds like a great approach, Simon!

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Mally @mally1

Hi all be positive there will be a cure

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