...feeling frustrated Suzie @Ratgirl


Been working at the same NHS Trust for 30 years. Now they want to see me in Occ Health for my P as it was mentioned in a recent job change form.


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Suzie @Ratgirl

Told them they have employed me for 30 years & why now. It has never been an issue before. Was told because I am doing a new job & they need to see how it will affect my ability to do the job. I have been doing the job a year already so I figure it won't affect the job or any other job as it has NEVER been a problem. They still maintain I need to see them...I hate Red tape.

Psoriatic4good @psoriatic4good

I don't know about the "terms and conditions" in You're country and place of work, but I know if someone put my expertise or capabilities in question because of psor, I would give them a rape tape instead of red tape :)

(don't know what red tape is dough... But still enough is enough)

Suzie @Ratgirl

I am a Nurse Practitioner in a busy hospital. I have had PA since 12 years old (so a really long time) & psoriasis since a young adult. I am at peace with my condition which although a nuisance, hard work & painful could be far worse.

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