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Does psoriasis on your nails cause ridges thin nails splitting ect?


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Ruben @ruben

Yup, and pits and all.. But my nails improved a lot since taking vitamine d and curcumin. Slowly but steadily improving.

Mishlyn @mishlyn

It can indeed Bonnie, myself I have experienced small pitting and thickness on my 2 big toe nails. I have been able to manage it well with oil soaks on my nails. Omega 3 with a high level of epa has been making my nails and skin healthier and stronger. At the moment I have no pitting or thickness. I hope you are well! Welcome to Flaym!

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Hello bonnie and welcome to flaym, i healed my finger nails with diet/lifestyle changes , they look normal, it is a choice though a choice for everyone if they wish to change diet/lifestyle , i wish you well thanks :)

Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome to Flaym, Bonnie! Yes my nails split on my thumb especially, and the nail beds change over time. I have a few ridgy nails on the hands and a few pitted ones too that seem to come and go / move from finger to finger. I had a whole foot of psoriatic toenails for about 3 years and they looked crumbly, chalky, white and thick. Hope this helps!

Geraldine @geri18

Sure does Bonnie

Maya @maya123

Definitely. I use Sebamed Hand & Nail Balm to keep the nails stronger

agb @agb

Yes. My toe nails are getting better with diet and time. Sometimes they look normal and sometimes dry and split. I keep my nails short and manicured with polish that is close to my skin color

Jakub @drptbl

Sadly yes, they're also very prone to break.

Kate @katefromvancouver

This is so me with my fingernails! They've got ridges the length of the nail bed and they crack and split like you wouldn't believe. :(

Sarah @sarahuk

I hate that Kate it is so sore, my left thumb does this all the time and I wish it would heal!

Carole @carole382

Oh boy, and nothing seems to help. Using gel polish only hides it, soaking in Epsom salts helps for a short 2 hours. The best thing I have found for the ridges and little pinholes is an emery with 4 sides each with a different level of roughness, ending in a soft side. I start with the roughest side and do all my nails and work my way up to the soft buffer side. If I do this daily, my nails look pretty good, but it’s a lengthy process.

Nicola @Nicky

I always have to cut mine when they split downwards so am never able to put nail varnish on as they are all different lengths

Sue @cranberrygal

Do not use gel polish! I did just once and left my nails a mess. My hair stylist told me it can ruin your nails it took mine a long time to get back to normal.

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