...feeling frustrated Jessie @jessie1


Hello. Slightly embarrassing one. I have some patches come up down below. Any suggestions as to what may help. 😦


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Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome to Flaym, Jessie! Not embarrasing, it's just bits 😃 I think we need to be careful what we use on mucous membranes - not the same for man bits as lady bits. Your GP / derm can tell you which creams you can use down there in the nether regions. As far as I'm aware you can definitely use olive oil in the meantime! I know my midwife recommended olive oil to me during pregnancy.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Hello jessie yes i know the feeling, i have had it there all my life, i use steroid or olive oil, steroids not recommended but only thing that helps it there, sorry for this

Jessie @jessie1

Thanks for replies 👍
I think I will wait and see what the dermatologist says. I'm used to being flakey but it's a bit grim down there. My husband says he doesn't my d but he must be a bit grossed out about it.

Jenny @je2

HI Jessie. When I had that, used cortisone cream. Used to travel a lot and sweat caused patches which itched like crazy. In the crevice at back!!Lovely subject!!!😉

Denise @denise89

Hiya. Although I'm p-free I had it there as well. The cream I used and still use is safe because for that area the normal aqueous cream is safe. I went through a bad case of running from Dr to Dr until my husband came up with the recipe of Comfrey herb leafs together with some vitamins E oil drops soaked in the cream. The nice part about this cream is that you can use it as many times a day as you like. It was an agonizing three months because as we all know herbs take a bit longer. But I am now 13yrs ps free. I now buy my own body cream and just add Comfrey drops to it. Never looked back.

Kez @kez1

I must say mine is now all one colour, rather than spots it is now one colour, a bit flakey but manageable for now however the spots on my butt are a different story lol

Sarah @sarahuk

Bum psoriasis is a right pain...

Nikki @niksam

I’m struggling with this too. I’m new to the world of Psoriasis, having only started with it late last October. I honestly thought the genital area was just very sore, split skin in my groin and that I had thrush. I also thought I had heamarrhoids. All of the treatments for both made things worse! When I finally saw the GP I was given more antifungal creams and told to use a very small amount of steroid ointment on my bum. Once I realised the antifungal definitely wasn’t working, I spoke to my GP who said I could use a very tiny bit of steroid ointment around my genitals too, but only for 5 days. It helps, but it’s not a long term answer and I’ve yet to find something that doesn’t make it worse.

Lanie @lanie1

I don't know if you have this product where you live, but I find that Sudocrem (baby bum cream) helps for this. I can even recommend it for your face if you start getting scaly. It has a high dosage of zinc in it.

Louise @loopylou

It has to b the most annoying and painful place to get it iv had bad flare up last 7 months on my lady bits its so sore n itchy any tips would b great xxx

Sarah @sarahuk

Olive oil for the lady bits!

Tracy @tracy2020

As in cooking olive oil

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