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Iโ€™m a firm believer that every cloud has a silver lining! So I want to hear your funniest psoriasis story! Mine will always be a kid asking me if I was a demon! So what is yours? You must have at least one!


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Sarah @sarahuk

We're sitting in a Japanese restaurant. My father-in-law to be says "oh... Sarah! The print from the (bright red) table cloth is coming off onto your elbows!". I say, "umm no it isn't. That's the colour of the psoriasis skin on my elbows. Always." Cue very long silence! The poor man! ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†

Roxanne @roxanne

A woman followed me around in a store .Staring she asked "Whats on your arm?"
I looked her in the face and said "I have leprosy. "
She backed off very quickly.

Jennifer @jujubee

When I first started dating my boyfriend we were listing things
we had in common, he said " we both have skin issues..." referring
to the fact he's black because our area is mostly caucasian and hispanic ๐Ÿ˜‚

Susan @godcares

Josh, I'm drawing a blank. Hmmm... I'm sure there are tons of funny things. Maybe I'm too old to remember. LOL.

Nan195 @lynnie

Sorry Josh, no funny ones from me and every cloud does have that silver lining, thanks ๐ŸŒน

john,Hulk @chewbacca

no for me either really ,though i did get asked why i leave my left hand car door mirror inwards on my car while i am driving , is it took at yourself whilst driving someone said ?i just said yes so i can safely see in the passenger mirror and pick the flakes off my face whilst i am driving, that was when i was going through steroid withdrawl. i was very flakey :)

Polyp @polyp

This isn't a funny tale but an example of silver lining. I'm a guitar player and used to mainly fingerpick, using my nails as I don't get on with finger picks; I'd use a plectrum just for basic strumming. Several years ago, during a very bad flare, I got fed up with pain and blooded sheets from night time scratching. I decided the only remedy was to cut my fingernails very short, first time in about 20 years, and use a flat pick. Since then I have practised endlessly and developed a style of playing that combines struming and picking at one end and hammering-on at the other. My playing has improved and developed to the point that I am now playing more creatively and fluently than I ever did with fingernails. All due to having a major flare up of P and seeking a, to me, radical solution. Always be prepared to improvise and adapt xx.

Michelle @michelle1021

No Josh, I don't have any but I might have the gold fish syndrome

Susan @godcares

Polyp this is a very good story. Things happen for a reason and you shared that with us. I love stories like that and I have many of my own too. Would be great if Flaym sent us all to a tropical island. We could have a great band there with You, Paul, drummer (can't remember), all other instruments, many of us can sing... Ohhhhh... The party animals!

Michelle @michelle1021 you are talking my language girl! Flaym, I'm available ...let see...from the 28th March to the 5th April '18'. Polyp, keep your guitar and your pick ready.
singing..."we are going on a summer holiday...."

Heather @hmcudlebug

I love telling people who are rude to me about my skin, that Its my zombie camouflage or say man, my leprosy is sure itchy today! Others who ask or are nice about it I educate them and enjoying sharing about this disease to spread the word!

Lou @lou60

I was getting out of the pool and someone said I'm sorry you have poison ivy.

Lou @lou60

I had someone say they were sorry I had poison ivy. I said I don't just the I was made.

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