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Hi I’m new, I’m crawling I mean I want to rake my skin (mostly my scalp) at the moment! Iv had psoriasis since birth and I seem to have multiple types?! I have photosensitive psoriasis on my arms and hands. My scalp is driving me nuts atm! Any help?


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Orlaith @Orlaith

Hi, I mix tea tree oil and lavender oil with olive oil, and soak my scalp in it, wrap it in a towel, or a shower cap for as long as is possible... It really helps and your hair will feel lovely too... Think it itches even more when it's dry, the oils help.... 😊

Orlaith @Orlaith

The amounts I use,
3 ounces of olive oil, 15 drops of tea tree oil and 15 drops of lavender oil. My hair is shoulder length so adjust if yours is shorter..

Mishlyn @mishlyn

That sounds lovely Orlaith! :)

Welcome to Flaym Disneylifeforme! Great to see you found us here! I love oils soaks as well, very soothing when my scalp is bad. These days I am able to keep my scalp under control by applying Tgel Extra Strength when it shows signs of returning. In between I use a natural tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner. I have not heard of photosensitive psoriasis before. Does that mean you cannot use light therapy or be in the sun?

Lindakay1948 @lindakay1948

I have more than one type too Disney,I end up putting oils on my skin and wrapping with Saran wrap during the toughest Flares Darlin' we are all here to lend any assistance verbally that we can I also must tell you I use CBD Oil a Cannibis derivative it contains no TH but let me tell you I can now live virtually pain free ..Hugs sweet Cheeks we get it (Oh use a plastic shower cap,they are cheap as the dickens sometimes they come in threes Dollar General store may have them but put your Olive Oil on stick that plastic cap on ,just a thought babe)

Disneylifeforme @disneylifeforme

Hi yes the psoriasis on my arms and hands is photosensitive which means It flares up in the sunlight! The only solution they gave me is “wear long sleeves!!”
Even as a teenager I felt like saying are you kidding me??? How would you wear long sleeve tshirts or jumpers in the heat??
Those oil ideas I haven’t tried I will give them a go! The heat really flares my scalp up too but I live in England so not much sun here 🤣

Ruben @ruben

Hello Disneylifeforme, welcome to Flaym.
For me Aloë Vera gel cools down my spots immediately.

Disneylifeforme @disneylifeforme

Do you have photosensitive psoriasis too? Iv not met anyone who’s ever suffered with it, mostly it seems to be people who need the sunlight to help it 😆

Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome to Flaym, Disneylifeforme! Yes I would say the same, plaster a load of natural oil on it (olive, coconut, almond, I use grapeseed - it's cheap!) Let it soak in for a couple of hours or however long you've got and browse the Flaym theme "scalp psoriasis" for other ideas while you're soaking! Two birds one stone ☺️

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Disneylifeforme @disneylifeforme

I’m an over 6ft 3 woman with a skin problem 🤣🤣 pretty sure I don’t ever go un-noticed like ever!! 😂😂😂

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