...feeling sad Diane @froghop26


Just had to make the heartbreaking decision to let my almost 19 year old much loved cat cross the rainbow bridge. I have cried a river, I keep looking for her and thinking I can hear her. It will be interesting to see if I have a flare up or not.


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Peg @peg1414

Aww I am sorry for your heartbreak. Just keep thinking she is in a better place with no pain. Do not stress about it. I am sure you gave her a great life

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Sorry about this diane, i love cats , i used to have 2 years ago,

Rita @rita

She must have had a great life with you to live so long. But I know it’s hard to part with our fur babies.

Michelle @michelle1021

I'm so sorry to hear Diane. I love cats. all animals actually.I had a african grey whom was 25 years old. He died while I was holding him. I cried for weeks after his passing. I even wanted to go dug him up to see if he might still be alive! I was in a terrible state, but luckily my P did not flare up. I know you're sad, but I'm sure he had a wonderful happy life with you.

Susan @godcares

Diane sorry for your loss. It was time I guess. You won't have a flare. This is just the natural course of life, and I betcha on some level you already prepared. Crying is great for us so cry away! It's a sad thing to go through though so keep your chin up.

Sarah @sarahuk

Sad! Hope this doesn't translate to a flare for you Diane 💜

Jenny @je2

Aah no Diane. So sorry. I love cats. Hope all goes well with you and you don't have a flare

Tasha @tasha

Oh hunni im so sorry for your loss xxx

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Diane @froghop26
Cambridge, Tasmania, Australia

I love animals, traveling, my children and my grandchildren. My psoriasis is an inconvenience, it doesn't define me or stop me living my life how I want. Live, laugh, love :)

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