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So glad i found Flaym! I've had P for 20 years. My 8yr old son was just diagnosed with P on his face. I can't help but feel guilty for passing on my genes. Have been trying to treat naturally but had to resort to steroids recently after a bad flare.


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john,Hulk @chewbacca

Hello maggie , sorry to hear this,i wonder if my mother felt guilty? she left when i was 6 months,you shouldnt feel guilty though, sure he loves you no matter what and obviously you love him, that counts for a lot maggie, you sound a wonderful caring mother, thats great :)

Nicola @nicola12349

Awwww not your fault Maggie, if anything you will be better equipped to deal with your sons P because you've been there seen it and wore the tshirt xx

Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome to Flaym, Maggie! That must be really hard to watch your son starting to show signs of psoriasis. I know I find it hard to think of my sons developing flares, and I found it really hard watching my 3 month old baby developing plaques of what I can only think must be infant psoriasis on his face, head and arms. It breaks my heart just thinking about it. But then I think, well, we'll all be one big flakey family together, and I can only support them through it! My mum didn't have it and growing up she didn't know how to support me with it. But I will know, as will you 👍👍👍

Maggie @maggie19624

Thanks guys! I love this community already!

Maggie @maggie19624

Lover of nature, books, and adventure. Librarian, wife, and mom of 2 boys (passed psoriasis on to 1 of them). psoriasis, celiacs and hashimotos.

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