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Has anyone gone to the extreme of having their head shaved? I was in so much pain and areas were infected. The infection is clear, but my scalp isn’t. I want to grow my hair back, but right now that’s not an option.


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Sarah @sarahuk

I haven't shaved my head with it but I did go from shoulder length to pixie crop a few years ago. I grew it back again as I didn't really find it made a difference for me, but importantly there was no infection involved for me. If I ever get one I would possibly shave it just like you did! I think anything is worth a try when it's that severe.

Ellen @ellen4

I haven't shaved my hair but have cut it really short so I can manage with oiling & treating it daily. My hair has also fallen out in the front so I had to cut it ..Its grown a bit since & I'm now not sure whether I want to keep it short or leave it to grow...decisions decisions decisions!!!!

Nikki @niksam
Leicester, UK

Psoriasis since Oct 2017. Learning fast! Also have Trigeminal and Occipital Neuralgia and severe nerve damage in my leg. Mostly bed bound and only leave the house for hospital appointments. My partner and my Son keep me going.

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