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I've been using olive oil with some vitamin D oil (on scalp).this has been working great .But, I'm running low on olive oil, I noticed that some of you on here use grapeseed oil, what's the benefit of grapeseed oil to olive oil? coconut oil allergic


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Sarah @sarahuk

I use grapeseed oil because I have it in the house and it is cheap! I started buying it when my sons were born as my midwife recommended grapeseed oil for baby massage as my first son was born with flakes. So I started lathering it on at night time for him when he was newborn! If it's good enough for a newborn, it's good enough for me 😊

Sarah @sarahuk

I'd love to know more about vitamin d oil, didn't know that existed! Vitamin D analogue cream helped me loads with a severe guttate psoriasis outbreak last year so I wonder if the oil would help me too.

Madmum007 @madmum007

The vitamin D I think is worth a try Sarah, I use the soft gel capsule. I put a pin in it & squeeze it into my oil & mix, so far it's been working great.
I think I'll try the grapeseed oil though with the vit. D next.

Althea5 @althea5

Best is SESAME OIL...does the work from inside!

Sarah @sarahuk

Some people with autoimmune disease have sensitivites to seeds and seed oils, but if you can tolerate these then it is worth a try I'm sure. Althea5!

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