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Before P I occasionally had small sore areas under my tummy and breasts if I’d been sweaty. GP has tried antifungal, antibiotic and steroid creams but no luck. Powder and nappy cream used to work but they just burn my skin now. Any suggestions?


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Nikki @niksam

Really Sarah?! SO many questions lol. How? Why? Does it really help?? I’m game for anything.

Sarah @sarahuk

Yes absolutely! It works just like talcum powder to dry the sweat up but it has no perfumes or anything so is very mild for our skin! I use it on my son's bottom when he has sores from his nappy. It's so gentle and dries it right up. Just a light dusting.

Susan @godcares

Nikki Sara called it corn flour. I think it's the same as what we call corn starch. I used it on my babies bums when they were in diapers. I remember having it really bad under my breast long ago. I put zinc ointment on followed with corn starch. Really helped but I had to wash it off in the morning and at the end of the day and re apply. I got better with the elimination diet I send out pretty much everyday. Message me if you want it. It was how I got off medications many years ago.

Nikki @niksam
Leicester, UK

Psoriasis since Oct 2017. Learning fast! Also have Trigeminal and Occipital Neuralgia and severe nerve damage in my leg. Mostly bed bound and only leave the house for hospital appointments. My partner and my Son keep me going.

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