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This time one year ago, I woke up 80% covered in guttate psoriasis "raindrops" all over my torso, ribs, breasts, back, legs, bottom. Today, I woke up with only my (mainly calm and now small) plaques on elbows and knees, but nowhere else. So thankful!


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Lucy @lucy185

I was using steroid creal it helped a little bit then i used hemp cream that worked for a bit but now i just use aveeno cream

George @georgeT

Really happy for you it's good to see hard work pay off Sarah Keep it up!! :D

Lynn @lynnb366

That’s so awesome, Sarah!! Praying that it all goes away for you ASAP!

Janice @Immy

That is brilliant Sarah x

Sarah @sarahuk

I'm working on those stubborn patches now everyone!

Fran @narf

Good for you! I look forward to that exalted state!

Mavis @mavis

That's good news Sarah

Michelle @mishlyn

Fantastic Sarah! I am so happy for you! πŸ’œ Your hard work and dedication is rewarding you now!

Polyp @polyp

Excellent news. I was in a similar state a year ago, hoover my bed and floors every day etc. And I am now also down to manageable levels. Well done; the feeling that something is working is beyond price xx

Catherine @bumblebee68

Hello... I used to complain about the children and cats making a mess now I'm constantly vaccing up my own skin... I suppose on the up side if I ever get lost I'd always be able to find my way home 😁😁😁

James @ferns

Or they could use what's vacuumed up to make another you :)

Gill @gill4

I'm the same Catherine even have to Hoover my bed

Michelle @michelle1021

hahahahahaha Catherine. That's a good one. Who needs biscuits to find your way home? (Just hope its not a windy day...😳).

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